Kung-Po Shrimp

Ingredients: 300g shelled shrimp; 25g dried chili pepper;
Stewed Pork Tripe with Squid and Pork Tendon
Ingredients: Half a pork tripe; half a water-swollen squid;
Pork with Dried Bean Curd in Sweet Bean Sauce
Ingredients:1 piece of cooked pork (about 500g);
Steamed Fish Head with Plum Sauce
Ingredients: 1 fish head (about 600g); 2 stalks of cilantro;

With a history of over one hundred years the Yuet Heung Yuen Soy & Sauce factory has been in the same family for four generations, developing into an international soy sauce production enterprise with bases in Canada and China. Its products have been exported across the globe including America, Canada and Hong Kong.

The Yuet Heung Yuen Soy & Sauce factory has adhered to the same traditional technique of brewing high quality soy sauces since establishment. Focusing on quality, its products are natural and fragrant and are thus widely applied.

Yuet Heung Yuen soy sauces are made through the natural curing of high quality soybean, wheat flours etc. brewed in traditional porcelain jars. Through a long process including the absorbing the sun¡¯s energy, the soy sauces are natural, fragrant and delicious, and have become welcome in many food stores, restaurants, B.B.Q. Shops, sausage factories and food processing factories throughout America and Canada.    MORE>>>

Yuet Heung Yuen Co., Limited  has perfected the art of combining traditional techniques, advanced technology and equipment and internationalized management processes. Yuet Heung Yuen Soy and Sauces factories are HACCP, ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005 Accredited. MORE>>>